Upcoming conference speaking

This month has me speaking at several events on some fun panels. If you’re interested, here are the details. I hope to see you in person!

iMedia Brand Summit – Customer Collaboration: Focus on What Matters and Forget the Rest

Your customers are talking about their experiences with your brand every day, but you’re not a part of the conversation. Unless you have a means of engaging with this invaluable community and capturing that knowledge, this insightful perspective will go unnoticed. Learn first-hand how to foster an ongoing dialogue with your customers that can transform the way your organization conceives ideas, designs, refines, and markets its products and services. By positioning your company to incorporate the collective intelligence of your customers into your business, you will enhance brand equity and stay one step ahead of the rapidly evolving marketplace.

In this panel, attendees will learn from leading brands and industry experts as they discuss the transformational nature of the customer collaboration experience, including:

  • How to infuse the voice of the customer into your business processes
  • How to identify the emerging needs of your customers
  • How to empower key customers to fuel passion for your brand

BlogWorld Expo – Taking Smart Risks with Your Online Personality

Blogging opens endless doors for exposure and growth of your identity and your brand. But someone has to forge the path to determine what might constitute too much exposure. Jake and Alex Hillman talk about some examples of openness and identity online and share some tips and examples of taking the smart risks when blurring the line between your work and your life.

BlogOrlando – How LEGO caught the Cluetrain

Ten years ago, four authors started a new conversation about marketing. The result was the book The Cluetrain Manifesto and with it, Chris Locke, Rick Levine, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger nailed 95 Theses on the door of the Internet and challenged us all to wake up to a transformation underway in how companies and people engage in markets. One of the companies who embraced the ideas put forth in Cluetrain was The LEGO Company. Jake McKee, the LEGO Company’s first community manager spent five years on the frontlines of the company/customer interactions. In this session, Jake will recap his efforts to help LEGO embrace the principles of the Cluetrain, and will share tips for how you can apply those principles in your own business.

BlogOrlando – Taking Smart Risks with Your Online Personality [Roundtable]

Blogging and community interaction opens endless doors for exposure and growth of your identity and your personal brand. But opening yourself up to the world is a risky endeavor, but without risk there is no reward. Jake McKee will lead a discussion about identifying and taking smart risks when blurring the lines between our work and your life.


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