Using the Flip Video in Marketing (Part II)


After SXSW 08, I wrote about how impressed I was with the Flip video camera and how they held huge opportunities for marketings and community folks to relatively cheaply allow people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to engage via video to jump in and get started.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one with the same thought. Mark shares some specific examples of how this might be put to work. What about you? What ideas do you have?

The point is this: for a relatively low budget, you can help people become involved with your brand and give them a tool to do it. What kind of businesses can this apply to? All kinds:

* Media outlets: Can give readers/viewers Flips to record events from their perspective and submit their own reports

* Jeep: Use Flips to help feed the Jeep Experience site

* Sports teams: Allow fans to cover their team and set up a site to “air” the reports

* Travel-related businesses: Give them away so people can document and share their experiences

* Packaged goods brands: Ask people to create their own testimonial of their product experience

If you seed these cameras with the right people, then there’s a chance that they’ll participate on a deeper level as well. Maybe they’ll blog about your promotion. Maybe they’ll embed the video there as well. Tag it, share it, post it – suddenly, your consumers are not just passively using your product; they’re a potential army of word-of-mouth ambassadors.


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