Web Community Forum, here I come!

I'm speaking at the Web Community Forum 2007Blogging has been light lately, what with me on the road most of November. I have one more scheduled trip this year (although there’ll probably be more, the way things are going), and I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be speaking at the Web Community Forum in Seattle. Great people, fun town.

I’ll be sharing a panel with Connie Bensen, Jake McKee, Mónica Guzmán. Our session is: Growing Your Group: Care and Feeding of Your Community.

Online community management can take a lot of different forms. Maybe it’s moderating and responding to your blog comments, as Liz Strauss does so expertly. Maybe it’s engaging with your Facebook group, as Jeremiah Owyang does with his Web Strategy group.

The best practices around community management in Facebook groups are still being discussed. How often is it appropriate to message your group and about what topics? If you accidentally send the same message twice, should you follow up with a third message to apologize, or just let it go? How do you resurrect a group that has gone stagnant?

Dealing with Facebook’s limitations is another area for debate. How do you deal with not being able to message a group of more than 500 members? How do you best share content with your group members? What features should Facebook add to the groups to make them more friendly for community managers?

If you’ll be there, be sure to say hi. Hope to see you there!


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