Welcome, StikiPad

I’ve been playing around with the new hosted wiki service, StikiPad for a bit during their beta. They’ve recently launched and let me say – wow!

If you’ve ever used a wiki before, you know all too well how difficult and confusing they can be. They seem to have come out of the world of Linux, and therefore confuse all non-Linux geeks. StikiPad has done a great job of simplifying the process and making it feel more like we’re used to with other Web based apps.

On top of that, I just got this terrific email from them, post-launch. Now this is how you write a thank you/please help email. Keep an eye on these guys.


Dear StikiPad user,

First off, thanks for being on this ride for us. Whether you’ve just  joined us recently or have been with us for over the past three  months, we want to send a big THANK YOU your way for helping us build  StikiPad into something we’re ready to open up to the public.

Over the past month and a half we’ve created a bunch of new features  (http://www.stikipad.com/features/) based off of your requests,  suggestions and general comments. Personally, it’s been one hell of a  ride. I spent a week and a bit down in the fantastic state of Kansas  that allowed Jonathan and myself a bunch of time to sit down, discuss  StikiPad’s future and have a few cold beers. If you’re interested,  I’ve posted a few pictures from the trip to our Flickr account  (http://www.flickr.com/photos/stikipad).

We’re going to begin accepting public accounts very soon, but we  wanted to give you a heads-up before we go ahead and do that. And, we  wanted to cover two points:

1.) We love our beta users. We understand that you’ve seen some snags  or have probably yelled at something at least once over the last few  months and we really, *really* appreciate it. As a thank you, we want  to offer you a free year on our Power User plan. That’s equivalent to  a $9.95/month discount and gives you all the features you’ve been  using over the beta testing period. In fact, this has already been  applied to your account.

2.) We can’t launch StikiPad without your help. We can write about  StikiPad and its features but we can’t convince people to take the  plunge and try it out for themselves without your testimonials, blog  posts, gossip to your friends, etc. That being said, we officially  give you the go ahead to say what you will about StikiPad and spread  the word – post screenshots, link to our website (www.stikipad.com),  send out some author invitations, whatever you’re comfortable with.  We greatly appreciate anything you can do!

As always, we’re open to any suggestions and feedback that you have  about StikiPad, ourselves, etc. We’ve still got some things in the  works and will be in touch again soon with some exciting new features  that we’ve kept secret (it’s going to be great!). Until then, take a  look at the tour (http://www.stikipad.com/tour/) for a refresher  course on what StikiPad can do for you and of course peruse the full  website that’ll be launching within the next day.

Thanks again for all your help!

Matthew & Jonathan


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