WOM Offers the Sweet Taste of Success

Greatest Smoothie Shop Ever. Icey in Garland, TX

Michael Rubin from Gaspedal asked me to guest blog as part of their “Guest Genius” series. Here’s the opening; to get the tips I share, you have to click through!

The medical community might tell you that blended fruit and ice don’t actually contain any addictive qualities, but I’m not convinced. I’m physically unable to pass a new smoothie shop without stopping to sample the wares. I can’t see “smoothie” on a menu without feeling a longing.

A few weeks ago, I downloaded the Yelp.com iPhone application and tested it by… you guessed it… looking for local smoothie shops. To my extreme pleasure, I discovered Icey, a new shop that had just opened down the street. Within hours, I was inside ordering my first smoothie. (It was far and away the best I’d ever had)

As I walked out of the store, tasty smoothie in hand, I found myself wanting to do whatever I could to ensure their ongoing existence. Horror stories abound about the failure rate of small businesses, and this simply can’t happen to Icey. Where would I get my fix if they close the doors??

If they ask (I’ve already volunteered), here are 6 points I’d share with them about how they can build Word of Mouth for their incredible business.

Thanks again to Michael for the invitation. I’m in incredible company! Here’s the collection so far, but they’re adding a a new post once a week.

Sean O’Driscoll, Social Media Conversations

“WOM @ my local Starbucks”
It was a simple exchange, but Sean recognized the powerful underlying message: by empowering your employees to act, you’re setting yourself up to be WOM-worthy.

David Alston, Radian6, as posted on Online Marketing Blog

“Social Media Monitoring – Top 10 Reasons for Monitoring Brands”
Tracking conversations about your company can be a daunting task. A good way to categorize the online chatter about your business. The article was referenced by Marcel LeBrun in a recent Twebinar; it’s a few months old, but provides the added bonus of dialogue in the comments section, which shows excellent follow-up in engaging potential customers!

Lou Cuming, iMedia Connection

“Best bets for branded word of mouth”
Lou shares insights on how to connect with the power of the consumer, citing some examples of those connections along the way. (link)

Erica O’Grady, Peanut Butter Media

“When Companies Get It Right: LinkedIn Hits the Mark”
We love examples of companies showing how to appropriately engage customers, because those experiences make such an impact.

Sean D’Souza, The New Zealand Herald

“Word of mouth still works wonders – but now it’s gone virtual”
Putting an end to the myth that Facebook is just for teens, Sean cites some good examples proving you need to be a part of the social network if you’re looking for an edge in word of mouth.


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