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Integrating the Community Voice into every step of your product development lifecycle

ddddwho provide those insights. How can you efficiently and effectively harness this Community Voice?


The CDPD XXXX guide

When it comes to reaching customers and driving ROI, there’s nothing like email. But while it’s the backbone of many marketing programs, a lot of companies struggle to see the full value of this key channel.

That’s why we put together the Braze Email Inspiration Guide. This collection of 40+ email use cases–inspired by campaigns sent by real Braze customers–can be easily customized to address your unique growth challenges and campaign needs and is designed to help you easily navigate to the areas that are most meaningful for your business.

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Product advocacy at launch: With properly Community Driven Product Development program strategy and execution, the moment you launch you have a fanatic group of product fans who are ready and willing to advocate and promote your product.

User-Centric products: Products designed with the community in mind are more likely to meet the actual needs and expectations of users.

Innovation: A diverse group of collaborators often leads to more innovative and out-of-the-box solutions.

Market relevance: Community-driven products are better aligned with current market trends and consumer preferences.

Enhanced trust: Involving the community fosters trust and loyalty among users, as they feel represented, heard, and valued.

Reduced risk: Continuous user feedback minimizes the risk of launching a product that does not resonate with the target audience.



Creating a program concept that addresses the question “How do we find the right people, time this right relative to the product lifecycle and build the right activities for the participants to get to clear and tangible outcomes for the business?”


I’m a “sleeves rolled up” consultant, frequently helping client teams actually execute these programs together with client leads. This means developing content, running events, moderating/facilitating conversations in the online community space the group uses, aligning with executive leadership, and whatever else might come up during the program duration.


Some product development and product marketing teams what to learn what CDPD is and how to integrate it with your existing processes. I build small and large instructional programs, content, activities, and playbooks to help  your teams get up to speed and moving into execution.


For information about my Community Consulting, Training and Speaker services, or to find out more about Dinner5, my unique community for community builders, contact me today.

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