8 Things

Alright my fine feathered friends… the blog has been pretty data-laden lately, so let’s have some fun. I’ve been tagged by several people (first was Toby) for the 8 Things meme. Basically, I’m to share 8 things with you that you likely don’t know about me. Here we go!

1. I’m a new foodstuff whore. Seriously, you put a new package or flavor on a candy bar, soda, or snack cake, and I’ll try it. One of these days I’ll start a packaged food review blog. (You know, when I have time) Just last night I tried the new Vault Red Blitz (way, way too sweet… they were just trying too hard) just because I’d never seen it before. I hate raspberry flavor anything and I still tried the raspberry flavored M&Ms (horrendous). This mindset extends to anything pop culture really, but food items seem to have the biggest stranglehold on me.

2. I was almost hit by a car. I was in LA with my dad somewhere when I was in high school and we stopped to get gas. I crossed a major 6 lane intersection to get food from Jack in the Box. As I came back across, food in hand, I somehow misunderstood the traffic patterns and stepped out into the crosswalk. A car turning right into the crosswalk at a steady clip had to slam on the brakes to miss me. This in turn scared me into jumping out of the way and I found myself just barely on the line between the curb lane and the middle lane just as a car came zooming by me… inches away and at a speed of at least 50 mph. The sheer proximity spun me around 180 where I found myself perpendicular to and inches from the next car traveling 50 mph at the inside curb lane. I stumbled over to the island, where I waited, heart pounding until I got the proper lights. The cars waiting didn’t budge until I’d successfully made it well across the street. I kept looking up and hoping my dad didn’t see because I was afraid he might (deservedly) get after me for being so dumb.

3. I buy far more books than I read. I love to read books. Or perhaps I love the idea of reading a book. I read pretty slow because of some eye tracking issues. (I’m ADD and my brain works pretty fast, so I tend to read and process a single word all at once where most people are reading three words ahead of where they’re comprehending which makes for a smoother reading process) But the fact that I have a stack of books at home with many of them half-finished doesn’t tend to stop me from getting excited about picking up the cool new book I see in B&N. Thus the Tower o’ Books next to my bed.

4. I think in pictures. I describe the way my brain works like this: Imagine me standing in front of a movie theater screen that’s divided into 64+ quadrants. Each one of these quadrants is running a unique movie. When I need to access information, it’s like me turning to the right quadrant and seeing it play out. Ever wonder who I can make weird ass connections so quickly between two seemingly random subjects? Yeah, it’s because I glance back at the screen, seen something interesting and light on it. Oh, and when I sleep, the screen just pauses…which is how I can go to bed thinking about something and wake up the next morning with that thought fresh in my mind.

5. Sleep is my escape. Since early childhood when things get truly overwhelming, I get sleepy. My parents tell me that if I got in trouble as a young kid, I’d go crawl into bed and sleep. Talk about refusing to deal with the emotional issue at hand. To this day, as much as I hate sleeping generally, when things get truly horrendous, I’ll react with a nap first off.

6. I don’t hear out of my left ear. If you’re wondering why I’m always making my way around to your left side, it’s because I can’t hear you elsewhere. I’m not sure what happened to my hearing, but it took a significant downturn in college, I think due to a viral infection. But a few years back, it just up and left all together. The worst part is that now I don’t hear in stereo and so my music enjoyment suffers. Boo.

7. I have an unholy love of fruit. Seriously, if I had to live on nothing other than fruit, I’d die a happy man. Umbrella drinks? Love them (because of the fruit). Pineapple on pizza? That’s fruit, therefore it’s good. Need a quick snack or a full meal? There’s a drawer full of oranges and apples in the fridge, let me at ’em!

8. I have a man-crush on Bono. U2 has been my absolute favorite band for decades now. There music continues to evolve without getting away from who they are. (Many people hated the Pop album, but I respected their desire to branch out and try something new) I’ve been impressed with the band over the years for their lack of attention. How many stories do you hear about overdoses, arrests, divorce, etc.? None. How many bands produce such a rich library of amazing content that continues to get better over time? (All That You Can’t Leave Behind rivals Joshua Tree for one of the best album in my collection honors)

But beyond that, Bono has amazed me in his ability to affect change. He’s been a huge advocate for trying to make the world a better place and while you may not like his frequency, it’s hard to argue with his message. I saw him speak to the Dallas World Affairs Council (largely the same speech from the Presidential Prayer Breakfast) and was blown away. He’s uses his star power to get the right people in the room to make change happen then getting the hell out of the way to let them work. Yeah, I have a man-crush.


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