Rapid Fire – Thursday, February 07

Anne Wojcicki and Linda Avey: The Power of We

“But we also started 23andMe to accomplish something that could impact all of us in a much greater way-to change the current research paradigm. The power of 23andMe is in the We. All over the world we can see examples of individuals coming together to change society. “

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Announcing Bazaarvoice Social Commerce Summit (May 28-30, Austin, TX) | Bazaarblog

Social Commerce Summit looks like a very cool conference with some great speakers. As the site puts it: “The agenda is focused on preparing attendees for the present and future of ecommerce. Participants will walk away with practical social commerce strategies and principles.” (NOTE: This is an invite only event this time around)

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Tide to Go – Mytalkingstain.com

Yes, this is yet another “upload your video about our product to YouTube and win a prize” marketing campaign, but there’s something intriguing about this more than past efforts by other brands. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s very tight conceptually and execution-wise. Maybe it’s that the starting point is a great concept (initially taking form in a TV commercial). Whatever it is, it’s fun.

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GTD In Space: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Spaceship Captains

“If you want to learn good organization skills look no further than some of the best leaders in the universe…” Sci-fi ship captains. Fantastic, fun read. Seriously, spend some time on this one. Great content and great writing.

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The Existential DiSo Interview | FactoryCity

Funny concept – Chris interviews himself in order to spread the word about DiSo.

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LinkedIn: Answers: How can an airline make you more productive?

Southwest Airlines scores another social media hit by having their CEO (or his team) participate in LinkedIn Answers. This goes to prove my belief that before building things you should look at what exists already.

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Top Experts Dish with their Best Kept Marketing Secrets ┬╗ Small Business Trends | small business experts

Tons of ideas from some smart folks about marketing and beyond. Long, but worth the time.

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Is Wikipedia Corrupt?

It’s always concerned me that there is such a small number of people *truly* in control of Wikipedia, specifically because of stories like this one. What do you think? Does Wikipedia have a fundamental flaw or is this just sour grapes and/or paranoia?

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The OpenID party just picked up all the big boys – (37signals)

Big news for Web apps and web usage generally. The “global identification” system for the web, OpenID, has picked up some major supporters. Since the debacle that was Microsoft Passport, we’ve longed for a single sign-on type solution for the web that wasn’t… you know… scary as shit. Hopefully OpenID is just that.

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