Apple Store and Scoble

Nope, the Apple Store and Robert Scoble don’t have anything to do with each other… other than that I’m sitting in the Apple Store waiting for the slooooow clerks to get to me, and I’m reading this article about Scoble and the future of blogs and PR. Short, but interesting.

On the way here, I listened to Ben and Jackie’s first podcast. Very very good podcast.

One of the most interesting business quotes/concepts I’ve heard lately is them pointing out another type of stealth marketing. No, not the idiotic “let’s pay people to talk good about us” stuff. But things like the story about Izze being placed in the Heinken superbowl commercial.

Long story short, rather than bash people over the head with the Izze Key Messaging, Izze has been sending freebies to movie/TV production folks for a while. When they were filming the Heinken commercial, the production folks had to stick some other stuff in the fridge, and put in Izze because they dig it. Brad Pitt and the Izze association was cool, but the fact that people watching the commercial, then checking out Izze felt like they were “discovering something new” is brillant, and exactly the concept that the Izze folks were going for.

I’m certainly going to buy a bottle when I come across it!


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