Community Contest 2007: Pieces of You

Too Beautiful to Eat?

Yesterday’s contest helped remind you sharing is a trust exercise. Sharing is also about opening up and giving out the good stuff. All too often you see people, organizations “share” by simply tossing out a few bits that they are comfortable. Bits that they are willing to pass along, but that aren’t that interesting. True sharing involves a personal component that helps me understand who you are as a human (or group of humans).

Pick a community, any community and you’ll see a group of people who bond over time, sharing details about themselves and their lives. This intimacy is what connects community members to each other, and if you ever hope to connect your company to a community you’d better learn how to open up.

Day 2 Challenge: Make Me Misty
To enter today’s challenge, simply leave a comment on this thread that covers one or more of the following topics:

  • Your first experience with online communities
  • Your favorite story about the power of community groups (online or offline)
  • A dream or vision you have of how you’d like to see community change the world

Tell me a story. Inspire me. Excite me. Wow me. Based on my totally subject personal choice criteria, I’ll award my three favorite stories with a prize. (Be sure to include your email address in the comment!)
What prizes, you ask?

Day 2 Prizes: Games!

Since this type of intimate sharing can be tough, today’s prizes will be focused on fun. Here’s the two prizes up for grabs, with two winners:

Halo 3 (XBOX 360) Age of Empires 3 (PC)  
Thanks to Chris Koenig at Microsoft for providing these great games on behalf of the Silverlight DevCamp!  

Deadline for Submissions: Midnight Central Standard Time (CST), 23 October. That’s tonight, so what are you waiting on??

Original Photo Credit: moriza


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