Community Contest: Free Books!

Thanks to Geoff and the Online Community Research Network, I’ve ended up with extra copies of two of my new favorite books: Wikinomics and Now is Gone. Since I’ve already read them, I’m using them to power a new contest. If you’ve not read them, now’s your chance to get a free copy!How do you win? Tell others about Yep, it’s that easy. Here’s the two ways you’ll be entered:

  • If you’re a blogger/twitterer/etc., simply post a link to (and maybe a few kind words) and email me the direct link (
  • Not a blogger/twitterer/etc.? Simply email a friend/colleague/etc. and cc: or bcc: me so I can see it.

Of all the entries, I’ll pick two random winners. Of the two random draws, the one with the earliest submission date gets to choose first. Deadline for this contest is Friday, December 21!Easy, right? So what are you waiting for??

wikinomics-cover.jpg Based on a $9 million research project led by bestselling author Don Tapscott, Wikinomics shows how the masses of people can participate in the economy like never before. They are creating TV news stories, sequencing the human genome, remixing their favorite music, designing software, finding a cure for disease, editing school texts, inventing new cosmetics, and even building motorcycles.
nowisgone-cover.jpg In one sitting, the book helps business executives and communications professionals understand social media and how to integrate it into the marketing mix: 

  • Introduces Social Media, the benefits, and the importance of engaging with influencers and customers directly
  • Explains the new culture of two-way conversational marketing
  • Inspires and shapes social media strategies to successfully engage communities
  • Highlights some of the more common social media promotion tools
  • Reveals cultural hurdles a company must face before starting social media outreach
  • Provides ways to manage the rapid evolution of social networks and technologies

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