Rapid Fire – Sunday, December 16

James Dyson – The Dyson Story

As the owner of a Dyson vacuum, I’m a huge fan. So I was delighted to see a more “personal” side to the product story. This multi-part telling of the background of the Dyson business, and James Dyson himself adds fuel to the enthusiast fire.

That said, the info outlined is far too short. Give me more!

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The Laptop Club

Very insightful interview about The Laptop Club, a project dedicated to having kids design (with pencil and construction paper) the perfect laptop. As the blogger puts it: “a wonderfully crafty collection of laptops designed by seven- to nine-year-olds in North Carolina that are both heartwarmingly personal and frighteningly tied to pop culture.”

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Ferrari Going Green: Increasing Mileage by 40% | EcoGeek | Ferrari, Car, Have, Written, December

Ferrari “has committed to reducing its [car’s] fuel consumption by 40% over the next five years”. Yeah, yeah that’s nice and all. But DAMN have you see their new model?? {drool…}

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helpful.png – Screenshot of great new Amazon feature

via the 37Signals blog, I found a screenshot of a new Amazon feature I haven’t actually found in the wild yet. It highlights the most helpful reviews, both positive and critical at the top of the user reviews section. This placement is based on users voting on “helpfulness” (a feature attached to every user review).

Very simple change, yet very helpful!

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Home | Email Standards Project

From the site: “The Email Standards Project works with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email.”

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Texterity > iPhone Digital Magazines

Wow, this is way cool. Check out real magazines scanned for your iPhone. You can’t view it (without web browser trickery) in a normal web browser. But on your iPhone you’re looking at high quality versions of magazines like MacLife and Make. The only downside is that the overall interface could REALLY use some AJAX love!

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carol maker – zefrank.com

Fantastic Christmas Web toy from Ze Frank. Always worth checking out Ze Frank goodies!

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The Whale Hunt / by Jonathan Harris / Interface

“The Whale Hunt website was developed as an experimental interface for storytelling. Given an epic real world story, with lots of content and lots of metadata, how can the narrative be faithfully retold?”

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New Batman – Dark Knight trailer!

Come on Summer 2008!! I can’t friggin wait for the next Batman movie!

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