Daily Links – Thursday, October 18

Heuer Livingston Pre-CEA Podcast » The Buzz Bin

My friends Geoff Livingston and Chris Heuer chat about various social media topics. Great stuff.

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NPR: Anatomy of an Interview Gone Wrong

What do you do when you have a terrible day at work and the blogosphere makes fun of you? Turn that frown upside down – analyze your failing then broadcast. This shows that a) you recognize the mistake, and b) you’re comfortable enough with yourself to be honest about it, and c) that you’re willing to put yourself out there as a way to move the discussion to a better place.

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PvPonline.com · The Series for 99 cents

I’m a huge fan of Scott Kurtz and his PVP webcomic. Some truly awesome nerdy humor. I was excited to read that Scott had launched a video series based on the PVP characters, but also didn’t want to ruin my static experience by adding voices or humor that didn’t mesh. (You know how book>movie translations can often ruin both). The subscription fee to check out the content made it that much more difficult to convert. But when Scott offered an episode for 99 cents, I couldn’t help myself and checked it out. Damn funny and I’ll be subscribing as a full member shortly.

It’s amazing to see what’s possible on the Web these days for little to no startup costs. Good work, Scott!

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Bill Doskoch: A big Facebook oops

The wisdom of crowds sometimes turns into the wisdom of mobs….

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13 Reasons your Facebook account will be disabled

Here are the things that (supposedly) will get you kicked off Facebook.

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