Flickr turns 4


It seems like only yesterday I was signing up for my original flickr-based flickr user account (you know, before the made the completely obvious, yet surprisingly anger generating switch to YahooID).

The site has evolved, but what’s great is that it really hasn’t changed. The evolutions have been small improvements not massive overhauls which should remind us how smart their original design was. This original, of course, included the API which has spawned an incredible ecosystem of incredible applications and activities. Like I wrote about recently, APIs do amazing things and at least in my book, flickr was a pioneer.

So thanks flickr for helping to change the Web for the better. I’m sure I’ll be around when we’re celebrating year 10. You had me at moo. And picnik. And blurb. Oh yeah, and great photo blogging and sharing and printing. I’m 3,000+ photos in, and one of these days will actually get around to uploading a bigger chunk of my 14,000+ photo library. One day.

If you’re interested in helping the flickr team celebrate, check out their “flickr turns 4” online/offline event.

Flickr will soon turn four and as part of our celebration, we’re hosting a “pin-up” photo exhibit here in San Francisco, California on March 15, 2008! We hope you’ll join us in person, or by “pinning up” your own Flickr photo exhibit in a space near you!

“What is this ‘Pin-up’ thing you keep talking about?”

Add one photo of yours to the “Flickr Turns 4” group if you wish to take part (after reviewing and accepting the group’s rules). We’ll print out up to 5,000 5 x 7” photos and pin them up on the walls of our celebration’s event space in order to create a temporary exhibit that’s open to all. Think “salon style” with (hopefully) a thousand or more photos.

Interested in seeing my first photo uploaded? It was a test photo. Here’s the first “real” photo uploaded. (I’d forgotten that I had an account far longer than I was actually uploading photos. Buying a real camera will do that!)


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