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The clock is winding down to Christmas and, as so so so many email marketers like to remind me, we are dangerously close to the close of the shipping window to have online purchases arrive on time. In order to help out, I’d like to pass along a few ideas for those last minute shopper readers. Your mileage may vary, but hopefully this will make someone on your list smile.

Kiva Gift Certificates
Far and away, this is one of my favorite gifts I’ve given (or will be giving anyway) in years. Not only do you do something good with your gift giving dollar, you are providing the recipient with an activity, just just a notification of something done on their behalf. And even better, the activity (selecting who to lend money too) is a never ending cycle, since the loans, once repaid, are able to be lent again. Literally this gift can continue to help for years to come. It’s a Kiva Christmas in the McKee family this year.

Give the gift of Flickr
Far and away my favorite photo sharing service and community. This holiday season, you can help your friends and family get started sharing their fantastic photos with the world (or at least your family and social circle). Hell of a deal – any and all upload/usage restrictions on the free accounts are removed for the yearly $25 fee.

The Panderers CD
Maybe they can get you a copy in time if you buy quickly, but damn are these guys awesome. My favorite new band find of 2007, and their debut CD is fantastic. (And as a community bonus, I found them via MySpace!)

For the business person on your list, this book may be just the ticket. Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore are two very nice guys, and wrote an incredibly significant book a few years back called The Experience Economy. I’ve not read this book yet, but with these two guys you run, not walk to buy their stuff. Head to your local B&N to pick this one up… if you dare this time of year.

U2 Go Home – Live from Slane Castle
One of the greatest U2 concert DVDs yet. Recorded the day after the funeral of Bono’s father, this show has an emotion that you can feel. The way he talks about the band’s family supporting the band’s early years during Out of Control moves me every time. (Check your local music/book/DVD store for this one)

Battlestar Galactica: Season 1
Nothing like the original, this show is stunning. As one Amazon reviewer puts it, the show is a “taunt hour of psychological insight into the workings of real people in a hellish situation.”

iTunes Gift Certificate
Yeah, this might seem a bit played, but really… who can resist? With the latest addition of Looney Tunes cartoons, there’s something for everybody! (Although, boo on NBC for withdrawing their content. Boo.) Buy these online, at an Apple store, a grocery store, Best Buy, and a range of other locations.

Y: The Last Man – Vol. 1: Unmanned
With this jaw-dropping comic series about to close at 60 issues, what better time to introduce those who’ve missed out so far to the story? It may have been told in comic form, but it’s one of the smartest, most interesting stories I’ve ever read. (Also likely available at your local bookstore or comic shop)

Amazon Gift Certificate
Speaking of gift certificates, if you have a person on your list who enjoys the open ended fun of a gift card, what better place to give it to than Amazon. With two separate wishlists (one two pages, one 10+), a full shopping cart, and multiple browser bookmarks, the problem for me wouldn’t be finding something to spend it on, it would be trying to narrow it down!

WilloToons Goodies
My friend Willo has crafted some tasty merchandise. I believe if you hurry you can still grab some of it in time for the holiday!

LEGO Online Shop Gift Certificate
If you’ve not checked out the range of amazing LEGO products these days, head to the shop now. You’ll see why this is a gift that can fit any and all age ranges. Come on, you know you want the 5,000 piece Millennium Falcon set. I sure as hell do!


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