Rapid Fire – Wednesday, December 19

Why Nobody Likes a Smart Machine – New York Times

“Even when the bugs have been worked out of a new technology, designers will still turn out junk if they don’t get feedback from users — a common problem when their customer is a large bureaucracy. Engineers have known how to build a simple alarm clock for more than a century, so why can’t you figure out how to set the one in your hotel room? Because, Dr. Norman said, the clock was bought by someone in the hotel’s purchasing department who has never tried to navigate all those buttons at 1 in the morning.”

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Apple unleashes Sonic the Hedgehog for iPod

See, your old Video iPod can still be cool. Oh the hours I wasted on this game in college… the downside to having a roommate with a TV and a Sega system.

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How to create custom ringtones in GarageBand 4.1.1

Apparently you *don’t* have to buy songs in iTunes in order to turn them into ringtones. This is official, straight from the Apple mouth.

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Jeff Dunham – Welcome to Jeff Dunham.com!

In high school I saw this hilarious comedian on TV who had a great routine with puppets. For years I’ve searched trying to find him… and now I have. Check this guy out, he’s hilarious!

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The problem with snacking

Is snacking unhealthy when it’s information?

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2008 Event Calendar: Communities

My buddy Mukund has put together a robust list of community-oriented events/conferences/sessions in 2008. Your budgets are about to reset, so stop in here and figure out where you’re going to spend your training money!

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Bob Cesca: Barack Obama For President – Politics on The Huffington Post

Perhaps the best article I’ve read so far making the case for an Obama presidency. Very very worthwhile, regardless of whether you support Obama or not.

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Hey, where’s your journalism licence? – – mathewingram.com/work

Ugh. Should traditional media monitor and regulate citizen journalism? This guy thinks so…

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Chrysler Launches Facebook App for Holidays

“As part of a holiday campaign to tout the Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler is making its first foray into Facebook widgets.”

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The Promise of Social Network Advertising – eMarketer

Wow. “This year, 37% of the US adult Internet population used online social networking at least once a month.” Maybe this “fad” isn’t just for the kids after all…

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