McDonald's Blog: Great job!

From one of the biggest companies in the world (or at least one group within said company) comes a brilliant example of a corporate blog: McDonald’s Corporate Social Responsibility Blog. Here’s a snippet from the latest entry:

Joel Makower has a great piece on his blog for Green Biz. It’s about how Baxter–the global healthcare company–is integrating environmental thinking into its supply chain management. As Joel’s related article says, this is something a number of large manufacturing companies are doing to reduce their environmental impacts and save money at the same time.

We’re not a manufacturer, but we are driving good environmental management upstream into our supply chain. I recently wrote about our sustainable fisheries program and our work with our packaging supplier. Let me tell you about another initiative–our environmental scorecard for suppliers of agricultural products.

I often hear from clients that they don’t believe their core product has a need for a blog (or by extension, any sort of transparency). Macaroni and Cheese might not be fertile ground for a well-trafficked blog.

But when you look beyond the core of your business, you remember all those other great activities you may be putting your attention towards. It’s always surprising to me how many companies are doing great work, yet don’t both to share it with anyone.

The McDonald’s CSR blog does a great job. It’s open, honest, relevant and transparent. We could all learn a lesson from this team.

On the other hand, please ignore the Official Rocky Balboa movie blog. Let’s run down the checklist….

  • Talented blog writers? Nope.
  • Interesting content? Nope.
  • Professional design? Nope. (It’s on Blogger, using a default template for crying outloud)

Kinda makes you want to rush to see it doesn’t it? Yeah, I didn’t think so…


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