More SXSW randomness

Continuing my run down of my notes:

  • Great quote: "Don’t blog what you don’t own" – meaning don’t talk about things that aren’t yours to talk about.
  • I hear that Dave Winer’s leaving the blogosphere. Can’t say I’m that upset. Maybe it’ll give him time to let his ego deflate a bit.
  • In trying to make money off your blogging efforts, keep in mind that people are much more willing to pay for tangible items (t-shirts, mousepads, stickers) than they are for basic content.
  • I noticed that many of the panelists came off as a bit… egotistical and perhaps arrogant. Note to self: be more humble when speaking.
  • In the discussion of whether spouses with blogs are more or less connected by following the other’s blog, someone made the point that it helps them to connect to their spouse beyond the normal discussions. It’s as much about what they’re paying attention to as what they’re saying/feeling.
  • Jory des Jardins had a great quote: "My boyfriend and I are in a mixed relationship – he’s offline, I’m online"
  • Chris Pirillo challenged his panel audience to try to write 100 things you like about your significant other. He says around 50, it becomes insanely hard.
  • Another great quote regarding whether online relationships are "real" relationships: "If they’re not real relationships, why can I get my feelings hurt?"
  • Another great quote: "Don’t forget your a member of your own community"
  • Craig Newmark: "Tivo will save democracy" (Download the full videocast to see what he means)

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