SXSW random thoughts

So I didn’t want to miss quality content during the SXSW sessions, so I was doing it old school – pen and paper, baby!

Here’s a few of my random thoughts from my chocked full notebook. I’ll probably break this into a few posts, so check back for the next couple of days. No particular order or weight – just things I thought of along the way.

  • First off great event, lots of fun.
  • The biggest problem I had with the sessions was two things – a) the extreme focus on mostly blogs as the content. Yes, they’re important and cool, but they’re not all that’s going on these days. b) many of the sessions were giving by people who though they were much more important than they really are, or people too young and/or inexperienced in how to talk about their business. (this was both good and bad, really)
  • Please please please shut up about how sad it is to get fired for blogging rude stories about your co-workers. We’re all sick of hearing it. When you start railing on your co-workers, even outside of work, your employer has every right to can your ass. Calling your boss an ass in public is the same in a conference room as it is on the internet.
  •  I heard a great word at SXSW – Instalanche (Instant avalanche…of blog comments)
  • I also heard a word I care less for – Transculture (i.e. having parents who are not the same race, for instance). I have nothing against anyone, especially based on race or anything cultural. My beef is with the continued niching of how we describe ourselves.
  • Speaking of culture, it’s new to me that so many (straight) people from San Francisco don’t have husbands or wives, but partners.

More soon!


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