Mozilla is becoming disappointing

UPDATE: Looks like the Mashable story might have been misleading. Thanks to the commenters, we have an update to the story. I’m still disappointed in the current state of Firefox on the Mac, and like Jon says in the comments, Camino? Really? Fingers crossed for Firefox 3.0…

Man oh man. I used to love Firefox. Safari and IE both have their advantages (mainly being native apps), but in days gone past they didn’t have the luster than Firefox did. Sure, I’d use Safari on occasion, but usually when I wanted to check something quickly without opening Firefox, which took a while (due to my 4,000 open tabs).

But in recent months I find myself using Safari more and more simply because Firefox has gotten slow and buggy. Then after Leopard’s release (and subsequent install), Firefox had some massive bugs which are still in place (non-functional pull-down menus, for instance). Boo.

You can imagine my disappointment when I read this Mashable story today about the release of Firefox 3.0 and the fact that they’re going to be ignoring a huge percentage of the known bugs in their rush to get the browser out the door.

Big enough, even, to postpone a release. And Mozilla is taking the next few weeks to fix these major bugs before releasing its final version of Firefox 3.0 next year. But the rest of those smaller bugs will have to wait. Only 20 percent of Firefox 3.0’s known bugs will be fixed in time for the release.

And that seems to be okay with Mozilla. It’s asked the developers to prioritize the known bugs in the app, which reach about 700 that are marked as blockers. Already months behind schedule, the pressure is on for Firefox to get these major bugs worked out, and hopefully there will be the same sense of urgency to fix the rest of those 560 bugs too.

Yikes. Seriously, why not just wait? Are they really in such peril to release that they need to release like this? I thought they were supposed to be doing things better than traditional software makers…


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