Rapid Fire – Monday, June 30

How to Avoid Social Media Espionage

Rohit takes a look at what many of us have only whispered about – how social media and info sharing might lead to personal doom. This is a must read.

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United Airlines Launches In-Flight iPod & iPhone Connectivity « THE FIRE WIRE

Wow, this is too cool. Yet another reason to skip flying American.

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Listen Before Engaging Your Audience – Advertising Age – DigitalNext

“There was no sales pitch. There was no “hard sell.” There was just a guy we were convinced couldn’t understand half the dialogue he was having with his customers. And he was closing sale after sale after sale.”

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80% of US businesses have Macs – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

“80% of US businesses now have Macs. This represents an huge increase from just two years ago when only 47% of businesses reported having Mac users. The Yankee Group estimates that corporate marketshare has risen to 8-10% overall with 21% of firms reporting more than 50 Mac users. Interestingly, and perhaps not surprisingly, 28% are running Windows in virtualization.”

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