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Brains On Fire Blog » Blog Archive » About “social media” contests

“So before you go and have yet another online contest, think about making it all about your biggest fans – not about you. And even more importantly, make sure the contest is in the context of something bigger than just another contest. In other words, maybe you can do something a lot more meaningful with that time and money to embrace your biggest fans and potential fans.”

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a shel of my former self

Shel shares a fantastic overview of how to get past the “I can’t blog because I’m too busy” mindset. He leaves off with a great question: should CEOs blog. His answer is that it depends. While that’s absolutely true, he missed on point that I like to make about CEOs and the Social Web: where is their time best spent? Most of the time, CEOs can deliver more overall value by commenting, rather than blogging. Think about the impact employees at all leaves receive when they see their CEO participating!

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Julian Cole – Adspace Pioneers – Social Media Marketing –

What are you top moments in Social Media history?

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