The Dealership Debacle: The follow-up

After a week in the shop, my car is back. Surprisingly (or perhaps not at all), the car is back to its normal peppy self. I hadn’t realized how sluggish the problem was.

Here’s the final outcome: The car was having major problems with the fuel system. Despite my bringing up the issue in multiple forms multiple times, nobody paid attention, and instead treated me like a I was trying to convince them my car was running on orange juice. It wasn’t until I got pissy and actually pointed out the issues for the mechanic that they bothered to look into it. After a conversation with my brother-in-law mechanic, I’m convinced that they didn’t even look at it. Apparently, warranty work pays poorly and they were just trying to get me out the door.

Post-repairs, the mechanic didn’t drive the car to verify his work. The advisor did, and replicated one of the several problems I was having… five feet from the dealership exit. He swore up and down that the mechanic was confident it was just a fluke. Considering their track record "trust me" and "fluke" don’t go far with me. When I asked if they’d replicated the conditions I had repeatedly reported, the answer was "no", of course. When I pushed back, the advisor claimed that there was no way to drain the tank and refill. (This was what caused the errors in the past. And for the record, they had drained the tank once before while doing the repairs) After I didn’t let the issue drop, he asked for if he could call back so he could look into it. Twenty minutes later, he called me back to report they after a "meeting of the minds", they’d found a solution. Do you believe they actually drained the tank? I don’t…

Oh, and despite my service advisor telling me that the car would be ready on Saturday when I came in, it took 20 minutes to track down and then complete the paperwork that he didn’t bother to do. One last jab in the ribs on the way out.

Funny thing is, they’ve lost all my business. No oil changes, no brake jobs, no tune-ups, nothing. Not at all. I also won’t be buying our new car from them (we’re upgrading before the baby comes). Courtesy Nissan, you’ve lost my business.


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