Dinner5 is a monthly dinner series hosted by Community5 CEO, Jake McKee.

For years, Jake has worked hard to bring senior community nerds together for great food and great conversation. For a group of people focused on building successful social experiences, we do a surprisingly bad job creating them for ourselves!

Dinner5 is designed as a small group, non-salesy evening where the focus is the community nerdery and the amazing food. Only 5 people are invited each month, and Jake works to ensure a well balanced, non-competitive group is assembled.

Community5 covers the cost of the night. All we ask is that you pass the word to other community nerds who might want to participate in future events.

Dinner5 is currently taking place in Austin. We will be expanding to other cities soon, so get on the list to hear when we are coming to your neck of the woods.

There’s a limited number of seats (5!) per event, and each event is highly curated to make sure the attendees are non-competitive, senior leaders (or highly experiences community professionals), and a great match to make a great night.

If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out the form to the right –>

As part of the attendee curation process, we require that each attendee talks to us via phone before each event. This helps to ensure these tightly curated events are as awesome as possible. If we’re not able to talk via phone, we can consider you for a future event.

At the moment, yes. We are already looking into other cities, and depending on interest, we’re coming to a city near you soon!


Community5 is covering the costs of the initial events. No expense reports to submit, no credit card division to worry about.

We have a number of ideas to expand the Dinner5 concept is all kinds of cool ways, so we reserve the right to change the pricing down the road. But if we do, you’ll be happy to spend the money or we won’t do it.

Life happens, and things change. Please let us know as soon as you can if you have to back out of your spot at Dinner5.

We strongly encourage you, however, to do your best to get to the event. These are unique events, and you may not be able to attend the next event depending on how many people are signed up and waiting for a spot at an upcoming month.

We’ll also share that each event costs a pretty penny. As we all know, amazing experiences often require investment to pull off. If you can’t make it, we would ask that you check with your colleagues or network to see if there are others interested in joining us.

We rely on our fantastic sponsors to help make Dinner5 happen! Full and Partial sponsorships are available for each event. We can even work with you to plan a custom Dinner5 event in your city. For more information, please download our sponsor brochure or email us at info@community5.com.

Next Dinner5 Events: 

Denver area
October 17, 2019

San Francisco/Bay Area
November 13, 2019

What attendees say

“This was a chance to connect with smart, senior community managers in a relaxed environment where no topics were out of bounds. Being able to discuss ideas and learn from this group in this setting was a great opportunity and one that should not be missed.” – Lance, Silicon Labs

“Dinner5 was a lovely experience: having excellent conversation, eating delicious food, and drinking delicious wine. I left feeling so energized!” – Courtney, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners