A shining example

I love great customer service experiences.

For Christmas, my folks bought me an iTalk for my iPod. I had originally picked up a Belkin Universal Microphone Adapter in order to plug in an headset mic for the Community Guy podcasts I’m working on. The Belkin worked like a champ and I was very impressed. But since I got the iTalk as a gift, I returned the UMA. Plus, the iTalk has a speaker, which is pretty cool.

Stupidly, I didn’t test the iTalk before returning the UMA. The speaker volume was pretty low, even at full volume. And today, when testing, it wasn’t picking up the microphone signal unless I absolutely yelled at the top of my lungs.

So after doing a google search (no results really) and searching the Griffin site, I decided to call their customer support. After hitting 2 for tech support, a real live person picked up. A terribly nice guy who immediately was offering to send me a replacement unit. He said the newer units had some improvements and since the Apple Store likely had the old batch still, he’d send it out. In 3-5 days, it’ll be here. I could have paid to have it shipped faster, but didn’t want to spend the cash.

This is yet more positive experiences from a company who clearly understands their consumers. The “get it”. Not only do they offer up cool stuff in response to what people are asking for, they’re presenting ideas for cool stuff that us iPod folks haven’t even thought about yet.

Good work Griffin. Don’t let me down in 3-5 days!


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