Because sometimes you just need your nuts.

emnuts.pngOK sicko, not sure what you thought this entry was about but let me clarify right up front. I’m talking about actual nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc.).

Strange as this topic is, it seems relevant as I get ready to rush out the door for another trip to a fine Dallas airport. After literally hundreds of thousands of miles of air travel, I’ve grown tired of candy made my Mars and Hersheys.  I’ve grown tired of Panda Cafe and McDonald’s. I’ve grown tired of those horrendous “generic” bags of various snacks (mixed nuts, trail mix, yogurt raisins – you know the ones … vertical package with  fleshy color on the top and bottom and clear in the middle). It’s all crap that seems to be made with the lowest cost model and combined with the “because you’ve cleared security and this is now all there is” model of marketing & sales.

When I travel, I tend to get hungry. No surprise there. What is surprising was my finding something tasty hidden away in a newsstand at the Jacksonville, FL airport – Emerald Nuts’ “Trail Mix – Breakfast Blend”. At $4.99 USD, it seemed like a ripoff. But the great packaging (relatively to what else was on the shelf), and the handy answer key on the back addressing the question “What in the hell am I buying” did me in.

And damn was I glad that I spent the money. This stuff was heavenly and here I am talking about it. No bigger lesson related to community development or business. Just a suggestion to other travelers – if you see this stuff, buy it. It’s worth it.

Now off to the airport I go. Me and the sun waking up at the same time. Yikes.


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