Blogger Pitches – Some Thanksgiving Fun

In the last two weeks, I’ve gotten blogger pitched by a number of interesting new (and somewhat new) services. Since it’s Thanksgiving day, you’re likely reading this blog post as a way to get away from the family fun. Therefore, it’s a good day to check out some of these new services.

The folks at Strands sent a cool T-shirt & sticker. They have some interesting functionality, but are entering a (somewhat) crowded market. It’s an impressive approach though, so definitely worth a try.

I Wear Your Shirt
I might just have to do …this as soon as I have t-shirts. Too fun not too. Basically this idea replaces the million dollar pixel concept with something vastly more interesting. Here’s the pitch:

The idea is simple, I am selling a part of my wardrobe (shirts) for the entire year of 2009. No exceptions. I plan on wearing a different shirt every single day. The days are selling for ‘face-value’ so January 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365.
From the folks at Here’s the pitch:

Workstir connects consumers with reputable local service providers. As a consumer you just post a new, and let the offers come to you. As a service provider, just sign up and we’ll tell you when new jobs aere posted in your area. A win-win.

A new twist on dating sites. Here’s the pitch:

We just introduced a new website with revolutionary software that allows us to locate users 24 hours a day, safely matching them with other singles nearby. This ability to update a user’s location in real-time as he goes about his day is nothing but ground breaking.

“The Web’s smartest social shopping site”
“TurnTo is based on a simple idea: Even in the age of the web, friends are often the best source of advice. And when you ask a friend, you not only get advice you can trust (or at least, can calibrate), you reaffirm your relationship with the other person.”

Saving the Earth is hard. But not if you break it down into “1 small thing” per day. Fun new site from my friend Jeremy Harrington.


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