The second time I posted a blog comment, I knew that the person who created a solution to easily keep track of all of the comments I wanted to actually follow would be a millionaire. I tried to work on some ideas as I created and expanded BlogFusion. But other than subscriptions  via email or RSS, I could never really figure out a good plan. Well, looks like some sharp cats found a solution with their new application: coComment.

When you become a member of coComment, you’ll install a simple bookmarklet on your browser. Whenever you make comments on another blog, you’ll do so using this bookmarklet. Using coComment allow for 3 things:

First, when you sign into your account on the coComment home page, you’ll be taken to "your conversations". In other words, you don’t have to have your own blog to benefit from the coComment service! In "your conversations", you’ll find a centralized list of all the comments you’ve made on other people’s blogs, with a link back to the original blog where you made the comment. Additionally, you’ll find all comments posted by other coComment members which are related to your original comment – creating a flowing conversation.

How do we do this? Essentially, when you and other coComment users use the coComment bookmarklet to make a comment, the coComment service makes a duplicate of that comment. This copy of your comments, and all related comments from other users, are then automatically displayed in "your comments" on the coComment service.

Second, if you have your own blog, you’ll be able to display a window on your blog called your "blogbox", which is basically a miniature copy of "your conversations" right on your blog. This is not only convenient for you – as you won’t have to go to coComment’s web page to view your conversations, but also brings the value of your comments on other’s blogs back to you and your blog. And lastly, it allows readers of your blog to see your comments, conversations and topics of interest from within your blog.

As an added bonus, the comment stream generated by your conversations will be available to you not only in your blog box, but also as an RSS feed, so you can track your conversations on your favorite RSS reader, along with all your other regularly updated information. And keep your eyes on coComment for future alert services already in the works – such as SMS, IM and email alerts!

There’s some more info at one of the developer’s blog. Looks to be great stuff. I just got signed up for the beta, so I’ll post again when I know more about the app. This is very exciting stuff.


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