Community Building Nuggets

Found via Buzz Canuck, some great nuggets regarding building community!

  1. Community green thumb – a community has to be grown wild and organically or it will fail. Control comes with time and growth.
  2. Bearing fruit – the success of a community and its size may vary. The effort may not give expected results but the work still pays off in knowledge and experience.
  3. Letting go – community members will change and accept different roles and participate in different manners. Being user friendly and being willing to allow change to happen is most important.
  4. Leaders and Lurkers – leadership can come from the most unlikely place. Always be ready to give responsibilty, respect and credit to all. Even a lurker can rise to a leadership role if the environment is right. Badges are needed and wanted. Offering them will get you volunteers and make leaders of those.
  5. Involvement is investment – being constanlty vigil and involved is a key investment in building a group or groups. Groups and clusters formed during regular visits to get new information are the key to a community.
  6. Reality is the best reason – Groups and networks based on real life meets and events are the best and easiest to work with.
  7. 6 Parameters & Reasons for Community Associations to Form.



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