Donations for the troops

A co-worker’s husband is current in the Army National Guard and stationed in Egypt as part of the MFO. The co-worker is heading over to see him soon and taking a care package with him.

If you’re interested in helping out, there’s three ways you can.

Paypal Donation
Drop me some cash via paypal (my paypal account is – make sure to title your donation so I know what it’s for). You send me some cash and I’ll spend it the best way possible for the troops to get the biggest bang. I’ll make sure to let you know what we spent the money on.

Buy and Send
Buy something off the suggest list (found here) and mail it to me. (Email me at jake AT communityguy DOT com for mailing address) and I’ll see that it gets include. Hurry though!

Keep in mind that items on the list linked above can be used, as long as they’re in decent condition. So go through that Xbox or DVD collection and thin it out!

Post a comment
If you don’t have money/goods, simply post a comment here thanking the troops for their work. I’ll collect them all and pass them along. (You can also send in a card if you like, again, email me for a mailing address)

Thanks in advance!


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