New phone: Samsung Blackjack

Last week I finally got fed up with my old cell phone (an Audiovox Smartphone). Don’t get me wrong, the phone was great, but it was 2.5 years old and had thousands of miles on it. I had literally used it until it was falling apart.

So after much research, I went to my neighborhood Cingular store and picked up a fantastic new phone: the Samsung Blackjack. This is a windows smartphone, using a newer (and better) version of Windows Mobile, and has a qwerty keyboard. I’m so impressed with the capabilities of the phone, I threw together a wiki to help share tips and tricks. Check it out.

Overall, I’m really really impressed with this phone. A quick review…


  • Super thin form factor
  • Small, yet comfortable thumb keyboard
  • Clear (if not thin) sound
  • Beautiful screen
  • Ultra-fast internet connection
  • Cingular TV downloads fun video clips download very fast (unfortuantely they have to be played through the horrid Windows Media Player)
  • Unlike my old smartphone, I can setup multiple POP email accounts so I can check all my personal email accounts.


  • Super short battery life
  • Jog dial is not tall enough to be easy enough to use
  • Unlock procedure (for the keyboard locking) isn’t easy enough to do one handed
  • Details about how data plan works is ….difficult to understand (even the Cingular reps don’t understand it)
  • Windows Media Player is a piece of garbage
  • No accessory to connect proprietary data port/headphone port into standard headphone jack (Hopefully this changes. Fast.)

Overall, very strong recommendation. More review info soon!


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