Rapid Fire – Sunday, November 18

Amazon Amapedia

Amazon has taken it’s product wiki-esque concepts and created a single site, Amapedia, to host it. Another smart amazon idea.

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Dew D.I.Y.

Cool project from Mountain Dew that collects consumer created Dew products. Some crazy cool stuff. Everybody has their own kink, indeed.

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Master Your DSLR Camera, Part 1: Program Mode

The holidays are coming up, so if you’re like me you’re wanting to really pull out the stops with your shiny DSLR camera to get some great shots. Here’s a tutorial that help you use Program Mode (the “P” next to the green “Auto” icon!)

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Turdhead ┬╗ Cheating at Leopard: Make Stacks work the way you thought it would

Make Mac/Leopard “Stacks” work like you’d hope. Very cool AppleScript!

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YouTube – Eddie Izzard- Death Star Canteen

Who knew that Eddie Izzard comedy + LEGO stop motion animation would be so damn funny??

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Video – Twitter on CSI

CSI uses Twitter as a prop!

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PvPonline.com – Xbox Smack Talk

As this strip accurately points out, “gay” humor is rampant in online forums/outlets, especially gaming. Why is that?

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Socks and Barney | The Daily Comic Strip for Political Animals

Hilarious new political webcomic you should check out!

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YouTube – Teresa Valdez Klein on why Facebook is her home page

Teresa talks Facebook. Can’t wait to talk FB with her at the Facebook event in a few weeks.

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The Fact Hub – Election info from Clinton Campaign

I have to say that this site turns my stomach a bit. Yes, it’s disclosed that it’s paid for by the Clinton campaign, but it has a certain… smear? feel to it. Blech.

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