Liveblogging WOMMA Summit

Yesterday and today I’ve been in Las Vegas at the WOMMA Summit. I’ve been doing the live blogging together with the always fantastic Shannon Stairhime

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Jake’s 9/11 Story

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’re probably growing tired of this post once a year. But you may also remember that

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links for 2007-07-04

Twitter / arkteam Great…. Twitter spam. How pointless is this profile? Seriously, I’m having a hard time understanding the point/value/reward of creating a junk profile

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links for 2007-07-01

Imagine Studios USA, Wedding Photography, Dallas, Family Portraits, Children’s Photography My buddy Winn is a bad ass photographer and has relaunched his business and his

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links for 2007-06-29

Max Tyrie’s Hand Made Modest Mouse Video Cool fan-created stop motion video. Very nice – who says you have to be a “professional” to be

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links for 2007-06-25

Lessons Learned From Two Years Implementing Social Software Great list of helpful hits for implementing social media & social software. (tags: socialsoftware web2.0 consulting) ITN

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links for 2007-06-22

Communicators press ahead with social media without a clear idea of strategy Communicators press ahead with social media without a clear idea of strategy (tags:

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links for 2007-06-21

MyBlogLog 101 – Part 1 : Marketing Hipster Great overview of how to use MyBlogLog, and why it’s so dang cool. (tags: mybloglog stats) LEGO

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links for 2007-06-20

How the Democrats are Like a Crappy 70s Disney Comedy Ugh, politics, I know. But I couldn’t help but share this great article about the

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links for 2007-06-19

OffTheBus: HuffPost’s Citizen Journalism Project Gets A Name, and Gets Rolling Arianna Huffington announces a new feature of the Huffington Post called “Off the Bus”,

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Thomas Hawk Replies

After my post about Thomas Hawk, CEO behavior, and Zooomr vs. Flickr last night, Thomas jumped into the comments and kicked off the discussion. Kudos

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links for 2007-06-18

Bush administration attacks ‘shield’ for bloggers Why does this not surprise me? (tags: politics privacy blogging) Failure succeeds for London 2012 logo – International Herald

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