Innovation is simplicity

I’ve made the case many times that “innovation” can come in multiple forms. In fact, it’s often the seemingly minor things that capture our attention

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Back in March at SXSW, Jeremiah grabbed me in the halls to do a quick interview about community, consulting, and more. He’s published it at

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links for 2007-07-22

Web Trend Map 2007 Version 2.0 I’m not sure this makes any sense at all, but it’s cool, nonetheless. (Hat tip: Dax, Brian) (tags: web2.0

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links for 2007-07-20

Startups to watch | Business 2.0 25 Startups to watch. Pretty good list. (tags: web2.0 business) How to Succeed in 2007 – from Business 2.0

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links for 2007-07-18

Springwise newsletter | 18 July 2007 “Umpqua, an Oregon-based bank, recently launched something similar. Their Lemonaire campaign is aimed at helping ‘really small entrepreneurs’ start

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links for 2007-07-14

Contemporary Multimedia | Contemporary Web Design | Multimedia Web Designer | Freelance Web Designer UK | Freelance Web Designer Bristol (tags: webdesign design) mootools demos

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links for 2007-07-13

Pairing your Apple Remote with your computer Who knew that silly little Apple Remote could be paired to a specific Mac! Now when I push

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links for 2007-07-11

Will It Blend? | Presented By Blendtec Yep, the iPhone blends. Funny, but so sad (for someone who doesn’t have an iPhone yet). Hat tip

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links for 2007-07-07

Ideas for iTunes and its community Some interesting ideas for connecting iTunes users for fun and profit. Don’t get me started on the missed opportunities

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links for 2007-07-06

Toolmonger Cool new blog all about ….tools! (Hat tip: Alex) (tags: tools diy) How to Change the World: What People Talk About I’m reading Lois

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Mark Twain Wisdom

I just found a fantastic quote from …of all people… Mark Twain: "The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all."

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