Community Signal Interview

The Community Signal podcast welcomes Jake McKee to talk about his experience building community with the adult LEGO fans. Listen here:

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2019 Community Predictions

Our friends at Vanilla Forums asked our CEO, Jake McKee to his observations of online communities in 2018 and the predictions for where the industry is going

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Rule: See It Through

Being a community advocate/evanglist/supporter at this point in business means that you’re going to constantly be running into brick walls. Colleagues, community members, you name

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Slate and Podcast Ads

I’ve become hooked on the daily podcast. They are wonderful little 5-7 minute chunks of interestirng content off of the site, read by

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Community Speech

Last week, I was in Albany, NY speaking to a group of marketing people about why they need to start thinking differently – namly how

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Sun's posting policy

One of the Sun employees posted a great article called "Sun Policy on Public Discourse". The article is worth a read, but here’s the key

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Community Documentation

I came across a very interesting PDF: Online Community Members are Real People Too; Focus on Users Introduction: In our busy roles as community managers,

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Blogging for Beginners

Check out this great (and short) review of how to business blog. 1. Make Introductions. A good host connects guests. Albrycht recommends spending 30 to

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Be Friendly

This article, apparently, got quite a bit of play around the blogosphere recently. I missed it originally, but am glad I found it now. Good

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